Traveling to Texas with our Grandson

Our Carson City roadtrip with our seven-year-old grandson Harry last Summer was such a success that we ventured out again two weeks later. This time we flew to Texas for a long weekend visiting relatives. We left early Friday morning and arrived home Monday evening.

It took most of the day Friday to get to my sister-in-law’s home in Canyon Lake.  We drove to San Jose where we left our car at a hotel and then rode on their shuttle to the airport. We then flew to Austin, rented a car and headed down I-35 to San Marcos.  Canyon Lake is about 20 miles west of San Marcos and about halfway between Austin and San Antonio. We could have flown to San Antonio instead of Austin but the Alaska Airlines flight from San Jose to Austin was the best deal we could find.

We had a few problems getting to Canyon Lake. We came to a screeching halt about halfway between Austin and San Marcos because of an accident up ahead and we were stuck for almost three hours. Then our Mapquest directions failed us twice on the way to Canyon Lake from San Marcos, telling us once to drive North when it should have been South and another time to turn right at an intersection when it should have been left. But we persevered and Harry kept himself busy with his maps and directions. He also made use of a notebook his grandmother gave him by jotting down his thoughts about various scenes in a Star Wars movie he had recently watched.


view of Canyon Lake from our back balcony


Canyon Lake lies at the southern edge of the Texas Hill Country and we were to find out soon that the weather is much cooler than in San Antonio. We also were soon introduced to the many visitors to my sister-in-law’s house, especially during the early evening and early morning hours.


an early evening visitor



more visitors


On Saturday my wife’s sister and niece gave us a tour of San Antonio. We had lunch at a popular Riverwalk restaurant, visited The Alamo and returned to the Riverwalk area for sightseeing, shopping and refreshments.


Harry's favorite place in San Antonio was The Alamo



Touring San Antonio's famous Riverwalk


On Sunday we toured Canyon Lake and then drove back to San Antonio for a family barbecue. Along the way we watched zillions of Texans tubing down the Guadelupe River.


Tubing on the Guadalupe River


There were three generations of my wife’s family present at the barbecue and we all had good food and lots of fun. One of my wife’s nephews is in the air conditioning repair business. He gave Harry an electronic temperature reader to play with. It was 93 degrees in the backyard. The dog in the backyard was 84 degrees. My bottle of beer, fresh from the refrigerator, was 27 degrees, the coolest reading of the day.

Harry enjoys the company of adults but is very bashful among kids his own age. He bonded with one of his cousins at the party, though, who happened to be the same age as his little sister. Then her grandmother decided to take her home to Canyon Lake for the night, giving Harry further opportunity to play with her.


another visitor Monday morning


After breakfast on Monday morning we said our goodbyes and drove back to Austin and boarded our plane for the flight back to San Jose. It was dinnertime when we arrived. So we stopped at a restaurant in Santa Clara for a meal and then drove home to Crow Canyon, arriving there shortly before 8 p.m. What a weekend! Harry had a great time and so, of course, did we.

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