Our First Day in Granada

On Wednesday, May 26, 2010 we flew from Madrid to Granada and the airport bus dropped us off on Gran Via de Colon near Granada’s Cathedral. It was a six-block walk to our hotel.

Cars are not allowed in Calle de Navas where most of the city's best tapas bars and restaurants are located. And we stayed at the Best Western Dauro II right on Navas.

Another view of NavasStill another view

Calle Navas starts at the Plaza del Carmen which is right off one of Granada's major streets, Calle Reyes Catolicos (referring to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand)

Entrance to Corral del Carbon, the only surviving caravanserai (a protected place for merchants and their camels) in Granada -- about a block away from the Alcaiceria.

shop closed with overhead door.

Gran Via de Colon ends at Plaza Isabel la Catolica on Calle Reyes Catolico. This was our first glimpse of The Alhambra way in the background

Queen Isabella meets Columbus.

Isabella and Ferdinand completed the Christian Reconquest of Spain, drove the Moors out of Granada and moved in themselves -- all in 1492. A couple of months later Isabella decided to sponsor Columbus' voyage across the Atlantic.

Gran Via de Colon from the Plaza

Another view of the monument.

This building is on the corner of Gran Via de Colon and Calle Reyes Catolico, kitty-corner from the monument.

The planters mark the end of Gran Via de Colon (Colon is Spanish for Columbus).

Store on Calle Reyes Catolicos

Entrance to the Alcaiceria, an old Moorish silk market that was rebuilt in the late 1800s as a tourist marketplace.

Lots of plants and tile displays near the Alcaiceria.

Look closely -- this is all tiles!

More tiles.

back portion of the cathedral

This building is next to the cathedral.

The sign (in English!) says that the cathedral was built on the site of Granada's original mosque.

There are more than a dozen narrow lanes like this in the Alcaiceria. I lost my wife in one of them and we didn't find each other for more than two hours!

Another lane

Fountain in the Plaza de Bib-Rambla

The Alcaiceria ends at this plaza.

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