Our Second Day in Granada

We spent most of Thursday, May 27th, in the Albayzin district of Granada — the old Moorish settlement that flourished for more than 700 years. Then we went back at night past Albayzin to Sacramonte where the Gypsies live so that we can see (and hear!) some flamenco dancing.

We walked to Plaza Nueva to catch the minibus to Albayzin.

Plaza Nueva - a couple of blocks past Plaza Isabel la Catolica

Part of the ride reminded me of Lombard Street in San Francisco.

Lots of steps along the way.

I never got around to tasting Alhambra beer. We enjoyed the bus trip so much that we rode around twice and finally got off halfway up the hill at San Nicholas church.

Heading back to central Granada

Back to Gran Via de Colon

Plaza Isabel la Catolica

Going back to the Albayzin again

The top of Albayzin

One reason the Albayzin is so popular: The Alhambra is on the opposite hill.

Some buildings are under the steps going up the hill.

The snow-capped Sierra Nevada behind the Alhambra.

The 11th commandment in Granada: Thou shalt display geraniums on thy window sill.

Lots of Albayzin view homes have been turned into restaurants.

Looking toward Sacramonte, the next hill over from Albayzin.The building at the top of the Albayzin hill.

More window displays

We're walking back down the hill now.

restaurant at the base of La Alhambra

Another restaurant at the bottom of the hill

The mighty Rio Dauro that separates Albayzin from the Alhambra is now not much more than a creek.

Yglesia de Santa Ana

Hmm -- I see an outdoor cafe ahead. A cool sangria would taste pretty good right now!

The colorful building across from the church is a tourist information office.

Looking back at Santa Ana, now a block away

Yehuda Ibn Tibon was a famous Jewish physician, philosopher and poet. The area south of the Alhambra is called The Realejo and is the old Jewish settlement. Granada flourished when the Jews and Moors were free. But Isabella and Ferdinand expelled all Jews in 1492 and all Moors who didn't convert to Christianity in 1499.

Some paintings inside the cathedral

Alleys in the Alcaiceria provide shortcuts from the cathedral to Calle Reyes Catolicos.

We got back to Plaza del Carmen at 5 minutes to 5.

A tour bus picked us up at our hotel a little after 9:00pm for a night of flamenco entertainment and we rode first to the San Nicholas Viewpoint in the Albayzin.

The Alhambra at night from the San Nicholas Viewpoint

Our nightclub

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