Segovia — Day One of our Six-Day Road-trip

On Thursday morning, May 20, 2010,  we rented a car at Madrid’s Barajas Airport and began our six-day road-trip to the Leon-Castilla region northwest and west of Madrid. First stop was Segovia, 50 miles northwest of Madrid.

Our first view of old Segovia.

Segovia is famous for its Roman Aqueduct, built more than 2000 years ago. It was still in operation until late in the 19th century.

Another view of the aqueduct.

Another view of the aqueduct.

From the aqueduct I started walking up Calle de Cervantes which led to Calle Juan Bravo.

View from Calle Juan Bravo.

Casa El Abuelo means Grandpa’s House.

San Martin church -- halfway up Calle Juan Bravo.

Juan Bravo monument. He was a leader of the rebel army during the War of the Communities. After a battle in 1521 he was captured and beheaded the next day.

The balcony above La Tienda de Africa Galeria. Lots of drum and guitar music below.

We must be getting close -- I can see the cathedral!

The cathedral is at the top of Calle Juan Bravo.

A flea market in the plaza across from the cathedral.

Walking back -- these guys provided some lively drum and guitar music.

Oh-oh -- I’m supposed to meet my wife back at the car at 2 o’clock!

Monument celebrating the existence of the aqueduct for two millenniums.

View from where we parked the car. We then drove another 50 miles or so to Valladolid where we spent the night. It was a nice ride, mostly freeway, and it took about an hour. But then when we reached the city limits we made a wrong turn and it took us another hour and a half to find our hotel!

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