Zamora – Day Three of our Six-Day Road-trip

On Saturday, May 22, 2010 we drove from Benavente to Zamora. It was a pleasant hour-long drive through several small but picturesque villages that had one thing in common: they all looked deserted! Don’t know where the people go on Saturday afternoons.

Photo in Benavente Parador lobby. This is how the crumbling castle looked at the end of the 19th century. All that remains is the structure on the far left which is now the Parador.

The road to Zamora. The bulls are big in this area.

We walked to the river from our hotel near the top of the hill and passed a lot of modern buildings.

. . . and a lot of old ones, too.

This intersection is about a block from the river.

This bridge leads out of the city towards Salamanca.

Clotheslines are part of the architecture.

School named in honor of Jacinto Benavente.

Scenic bridge over the Rio Duero. When the river hits Portugal it becomes the Douro -- where the grapes that make port wine are grown.

Now we're walking along the riverside road.

There are ztorks on every zteeple in Zamora.

Storks fly from their nests to the river and back. They are all over. But I seemed to be the only person in town who had any interest in them!

wild poppies.

The old city walls built on the cliffs over the river.

a friend of mine.

The Zamora Castillo .

There are more than a dozen churches in the old town that stretches for about two miles from the river to the top of the hill.

This guy never moves.

Of course Bee found some nice places for shopping!

River view.

This gentleman agreed to pose for a picture. The people of Zamora are very friendly but very few speak English.

More storks

Statues in front of the church on Plaza Major.

Time for tapas!

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