Touring the Ring of Kerry

We were nearing the end of our fourth week in Ireland and our plans called for a two-day visit to County Kerry. As far as I knew I had no ancestors from Kerry and so this was to be strictly a sightseeing expedition. So we said goodbye to County Tipperary where we spent a week looking for my O’Dwyers and drove from Cashel through Tipp Town to Limerick. As I recall it took six or seven roundabouts before we headed south on the road to Killarney.

There was a light rain falling over Killarney when we arrived just before dinnertime. This wouldn’t have bothered us too much except that the only available parking was three or four blocks from our hotel. Someone told us that the police don’t issue parking tickets after a certain time at night and so we were able to park right across the street form our hotel in an illegal zone — as long as we moved the car to a legal spot before seven in the morning.

It rained pretty hard most of the night and we kept our fingers crossed for the next day because we planned an all-day tour of the Ring of Kerry. We were in luck! The threatening clouds of early morning soon gave way to a bright sunny day and we settled down to a comfortable bus ride down the Iveragh Peninsula on R70.

Gray clouds as we left Killarney for the Iveragh Peninsula.

Buses always drive counterclockwise around the Ring. So the first part of the trip was along the western shore and Dingle Bay.

We could see the Dingle Peninsula across the Bay.

That's our bus!

This rest stop had a little bit of everything, including a shrine to Mary...

And a Traveller selling little animals.

A tribute to an Irish wrestling champion.

Tranquill area near the village of Sneem.

The church in Sneem.

From Sneem we rode up R71 to Killarney National Park and the famous Ladies View of Upper Killarney Lake.

This viewing spot was so-named after Queen Victoria visited the area in the 1870s.

Another look at the MacGillicuddy Reeks and Upper Killarney Lake from the Ladies View.

One more look ... Then we rode back to Killarney. There were no more stops on the way.

The next day we visited the Franciscan Friary which was just a couple of blocks from our hotel.

Then we drove to Ross Castle on the largest Killarney Lake, Lough Leane.

Lough Leane

Ross Castle is just a few miles from downtown Killarney.

More views of Ross Castle.

Yeah, I know -- this picture needs a boat in the foreground...

Here's the boat

After lunch we left County Kerry and drove all the way to Mallow in County Cork, stopping along the way in Boherbue, Newmarket and Kanturk, looking for my McAuliffes. It was now our last week in Ireland and we remained in Cork for three days until departing for Waterford and finally headed north to Dublin where we had a reunion with our cousins from County Down before flying back home. I’m glad we spent our two days in Kerry, where we encountered some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Ireland!


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