Touring the Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is one of County Tipperary’s top tourist attractions and we toured the Rock during our three-day stay in Cashel in 2002. The Rock sits at the edge of town in the middle of Ireland’s Golden Vale and can be seen from miles away in just about every direction.

View of the Rock from the North (road to Thurles)

This view is from the West.

And this is the view when you walk up from town to the East.

There are several buildings on the Rock. The largest is the cathedral which was built in the 13th century.

The Round Tower next to the cathedral peers over its roofless walls.

A replica of St. Patrick's Cross (the original is in the museum). There is a legend that the Kings of Munster were inaugurated at the base of the Cross for hundreds of years.

Bee inside the cathedral.

Inside Cormac's Chapel. Cormac McCarthy was both a king of Munster and bishop of Cashel in the 12th century. Before moving his clan from Cashel to County Cork he built his chapel on the Rock.

Most of the buildings on the Rock are just inches apart from each other.

A 49er fan visiting the Rock.

The Round Tower

Looking West from the Rock to Hoare Abbey.

We looked at many of the headstones in the cemetery.

The original St. Patrick's Cross. St. Patrick converted King Aengus of Munster here in the 5th century by using a shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity.


Several artifacts are on display in the museum.

A display of Bronze Age instruments.

The building which now houses the visitor center and museum dates from the 12th century. It is the only building on the Rock with a roof.

After the museum we joined a guided tour.

Our tour guide talked about Brian Boru who ruled all of Ireland from the Rock. He died in battle during the 11th century and his descendants turned over the Rock to the Church in the year 1100.

The entrance to Cormac's Chapel.

One last view of the Rock as we walked across the street to visit the Brian Boru Heritage Center.

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