Easter Sunday in Wellington

My wife went grocery shopping Saturday evening and we had a nice breakfast of cereal and scones in our room on Easter Sunday morning. Then we got dressed, grabbed our raincoats and umbrella, and hailed a cab to take us to St. Mary of the Angels for the 11 o’clock Mass.

The building across the street from the church.

The Mass was in English but all of the hymns by the choir were in Latin, reminding me of my altar boy days. I didn’t care for the Irish priest’s sermon, however. He told us that those of us who watched a rugby game on Good Friday should be considered “spiritually dead.” Oops. I remembered that I had watched a game on Friday night and really enjoyed it. Wow. Rugby is a very popular sport in Ireland and all over the British Commonwealth and they make a point of playing the game on Good Friday. That’s a lot of spiritually dead people!

The organ and choir music more than made up for the priest’s sermon, though, and their rendition of Handel’s Messiah at the end of Mass was just beautiful and we clapped for five minutes.

The choir belting out their Hallelulas at the end of Mass.

It was sprinkling a bit after Mass as we walked down to Lambton Quay. Our plan was to ride the cable car to the top and then walk back down through Wellington Botanic Garden. But the cable car broke down that morning and we were told that it would not be in operation for more than two and half hours.  So we went to Plan B and took the bus to the suburb of Miramar to visit the Weta Cave and prepare ourselves for the Lord of the Rings tour we signed up for tomorrow.

The Weta mini-museum. The place is really tiny and was very crowded. The "cave" itself is just a room that can handle only 25 people at a time to watch a 20 minute documentary on the making of LOTR.

Weta is famous for making other movies besides LOTR. Among them are King Kong and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Lots of LOTR figurines on display.


Even the ceilings were covered with memorabilia.

Golum again.

An Ur'ukai warrior greets you at the entrance to Weta.

I bought Ian Brodie’s LOTR Location Guidebook at the Weta store. It was to prove useful for the next day’s LOTR tour in Wellington and the Hutt Valley and for our visit to Arrowtown a few days later.

Across the street from the Miramar bus stop.

We took the bus back to town, freshened up at our hotel and set off again to find a nice restaurant for our Easter Dinner. We knew some of the best restaurants in town were close by the Te Papa museum; so we tried them first. All closed. So we walked up and down Courtenay Place but there was not much to choose from. Finally we noticed a sports bar called The Four Kings that was attracting a lot of people. We found out that it was against the law for plain old bars and saloons to be open on Easter but it was OK for restaurants. You can’t just go in and order a beer, though. You have to have a meal. Then you can drink all you want. Tonight there was a big basketball game between an Aussie team and the only New Zealand team in an otherwise all-Australia league. It didn’t take long to realize that it behooved us to root for the guys in white!

My wife and I both ordered the roast beef dinner which wasn’t bad. I asked the bartender what was the most popular beer and he replied “Max’s Gold” and so I ordered one. Not too good — sort of a cross between Bud Light and Corona. I guess it’s meant for quantity, not quality. I should have ordered a Steinlager Pure. Oh, well.

So that was our Easter dinner.

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  2. disperser says:

    Not sure how I had missed this post . . . perhaps I wasn’t yet subscribed. I like most of the LotR merchandise.

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