Walking around Queenstown

We took it easy on our second day in Queenstown and didn’t venture out of the apartment until afternoon. The morning was devoted to a leisure breakfast and washing a week’s worth of dirty laundry. We flagged down a housekeeper and inquired about the towels and sheets. We were told that we were on our own and that we would have to pay extra for housekeeping service. No problem — we could live with the same sheets for four days. And we could throw the towels in the wash.

After breakfast I decided to try out our entertainment system with one of the three CDs we found near the system: Mr Acker Bilk from the 1960s. Now my wife and I consider ourselves fairly intelligent but we were baffled on how to get the CD to work. So we called the friendly resident techie who showed us what we did wrong. First of all, we were using the wrong remote control (there were three to choose from). Then we had to push the DVD button in order to play a CD. Oh, OK. He also told us that they have a plan to install a less complicated system that only requires one remote. Maybe next year. He also mentioned that these systems are constantly getting fried when guests plug in their video cameras to the wrong port. Zap! So Stranger on the Shore became our theme song for Queenstown and I reminisced about my first airplane trip back in 1962 (from San Francisco to Baltimore followed by a bus ride to Fort Lee, Virginia for a two-week summer camp) when that song was on the charts. We were told that we could visit the library and borrow other CDs and DVDs (the three DVDs in the room were all movies for children). But we were happy with Mr Acker Bilk and his clarinet.

On our second walk down Frankton Road to town we turned right on Stanley Street which brought us to the edge of town a couple of blocks above the mall. We stopped for a bite at the Post Office Cafe and then walked all over.

Shotover Street is pretty popular

Shotover ends at the Lake Esplanade.

View from Beach Street

William Rees statue at the foot of The Mall. Rees was the founder of Queenstown. Frankton is named after his wife Frances.

Back at the Mall

OConnells Shopping Centre on Camp Street

Gandalf the Black and Kiwi friend

You can get a Guinness one floor above the Thai restaurant.

Back to our apartment at Dusk

Well, that was enough walking for awhile. Tomorrow we are going to take the bus!

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