The Nicest Walk in Sydney: Royal Botanic Garden and Domain

We toured the Sydney Opera House on Monday morning (May 2, 2011) and then grabbed a quick lunch at one of those outdoor restaurants that line up along the East Circular Quay. Then my wife decided to do a little  shopping and then head up Pitt Street back to our hotel. I chose a greener and more circuitous route: through the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain to St. Mary’s Cathedral and then through Hyde Park and further on until I found the other end of Pitt Street and then walked back to O’Connell and Hunter Streets and our hotel. The hotel was about 20 minutes from East Circular Quay but my route took four hours. I stopped twice during my walk: once for an hour at the Art Gallery of New South Wales which is located in the Domain and also at St. Mary’s Cathedral for about 20 minutes. It was the nicest walk I took during our week in Sydney.

There are many entrances to the Royal Botanic Gardens. I started my walk at East Circuar Quay just down from the Opera House.

The Dinosaur Tree was thought to have been extinct for a million years but then was found in a remote part of Australia.

A lot of the statues one comes across belong to the Art Gallery of NSW.

They're called Flying Foxes but -- hey -- they're bats!

More bats.

A tribute to the Aborigine -- and an apology for the way they were mistreated.

Garden Entrance near the Domain.

Views from the Domain.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales.

In another posting I will show some of the art I saw inside the Art Gallery.

Most of the trees in the Domain are Moreton figs.

St. Mary's Cathedral from the Domain.

Photographing is not allowed inside the church. So I took a lot of pictures outside.

View from the front steps of the cathedral.

Hyde Park cannon.

The cathedral from Hyde Park.

Hyde Park fountain.

Sydney Tower from Hyde Park.

The Domain north of Hyde Park.

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3 Responses to The Nicest Walk in Sydney: Royal Botanic Garden and Domain

  1. planaquarium says:

    These are amazing – I feel like I just took a tour myself. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Betty says:

    Great photos from Sydney,too.

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