Zurich’s Picturesque Niederdorfstrasse Area

After visiting two of Zurich’s three great churches we continued our walk up the east side of the Limmat River. Our objective was to explore the area around Niederdorfstrasse and then return to the city’s central train terminal and call it a day.

I stopped for a beer here while my wife did some serious shopping.

My view of Fraumunster while I drank my beer.

We passed a couple of interesting buildings on our way up the Limmatquai.

Then we climbed up to Niederdorfstrasse and continued walking more or less parallel to the Limmatquai. Here we found a picturesque neighborhood filled with bright boutiques and bristling cafes up and down narrow cobble-stoned streets and alleys.

We discovered a small international market down one alley.

After a while we thought it was time to head back across the river to Bahnhofstrasse and the train station. We heard that the Niederdorfstrasse area really jumps at night but we are what the travel industry fondly refers to as a “mature couple” who sight-see during the day and then go to bed early. So we said our goodbyes to Zurich and boarded our train back to the airport and from there caught the shuttle back to our hotel.

We crossed the river at Uraniastrasse.

Our last view of Fraumunster and St Peter


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  1. Fantastic shots ! Really amazing! =)

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