Rhine River Cruise, Day Five (Part Three): Outside the Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom)

It stopped raining during our visit inside the Cologne Cathedral and so I was able to walk around comfortably and take a few photos of the western and southern facades of the building.

West Portal entrance.

The western and southern facades are primarily sandstone from the 19th century.

Above the main entrance.

Hundreds of statues adorn the cathedral’s exterior. It may take a stoneworker three or four weeks to restore just one statue.

Statues guarding the main entrance.

Portal detail.

More statues.

Looking straight up.

The statues are less religious up high.

Popes John Paul II and Paul VI.

Fountain near southern facade

There’s always some scaffolding.

Southern side between south tower and south transept.

Southern Transept facade main portal

Southern Transept facade.

The southern tower was c0mpleted in 1880, making the Cologne Cathedral the tallest building in the world. In 1884 it was surpassed by the Washington Monument.

Side portal, Southern Transept

Southeast view

The cathedral’s southeast corner from the Museum Walkway. I just had to walk eastward along this walkway to get back to the Rhine and our ship.

After lunch the Felicity departed for the Netherlands and we relaxed on board the rest of the day. Our Farewell Gala Dinner was held on Friday evening and was preceded by a champagne reception and followed by piano music and dancing.

Sometime during the night we left the Rhine, which flows in a northwest direction all the way to Rotterdam, and followed some canals in a more northerly direction all the way to Amsterdam. In my next posting I will cover our tour of  Amsterdam on our last full day of our cruise.

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2 Responses to Rhine River Cruise, Day Five (Part Three): Outside the Cologne Cathedral (Kolner Dom)

  1. Sartenada says:

    How great set of photos. We have been thinking many times to visit Cologne Cathedral, but it is still a dream.

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