Dolmens of Osnabrück

We had just visited one of the churches where our Theler ancestors worshiped in Hunteburg and were on our way back to Osnabrück early Friday afternoon (March 25, 2012) when our tour guide  Carol Saint-Clair decided to show us what the Germans call Hünen graves and we call dolmens. They are most likely grave markers put in place thousands of years ago by people of the New Stone  Age. Exactly how they did it we don’t know. In medieval times stories were told of giants and devils who did the work. Germans are pretty good storytellers.

Approaching a clump of trees where dolmens are hiding.

Approaching a clump of trees where dolmens are hiding.

Dolmens framed by Carol's car.

Dolmens framed by Carol’s car.

Carol told us that there are about 35 of these Hünen sites in a 12-mile circle around Osnabrück. I’m not sure exactly where these particular stones are but I think we were not too far from the Kalkriese battle scene I wrote about the other day. Several of these Hünen sites are just south  of the village of Schwagstorf and this was probably one of those.

The boulders were brought to this area by glaciers from as far away as Norway and even today they are still being discovered and dug up to be used as front yard decorations.

Thanks, Carol, for stopping and allowing me to take the photo!



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3 Responses to Dolmens of Osnabrück

  1. Jerry Aschermann says:

    Thanks for your information…. kinfolk from Wehringdorf– east of Osnabruck—east of Melle. First saw these in 2004. Doing for a genealogy page the history of the Wehringdorf region that includes the Neanderthals, the dolmens, the Roman disaster and so on. Cheers from Kentucky

  2. Jerry Aschermann says:

    If you send me your regular email address, I will send you four photos that I took in 2004 —– if you are interested. My email is

    The website is not yet activitated….. may be a week or so…. things have changed since I first started creating webpages in 1999.

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