London 2013: The British Museum (Part Five) — The Rest of the Museum

After viewing the Elgin Marbles (room 18) we walked by the World of Alexander (room 22, closed temporarily) and Greek and Roman Sculpture (room 23) and made our way to the other side of the Great Court where we found the Enlightenment Gallery (room 1). Then we walked past a 39-foot high totem pole from Queen Charlotte Island in Canada and visited the Living and Dying Exhibition (room 24).


Aphrodite, Roman 2nd century AD from a work by Praxiteles, 4th century BC. 


The World of Alexander Gallery was closed.


The King’s Library was formed to house the King George III collection given to the museum by his son George IV in 1823. It is now called the Enlightenment Gallery. King George’s books are now in the British Library. The books here are on loan from the House of Commons. 


The Piranesi Vase, 18th century (with parts from Roman sculptures of the second century AD found near Tivoli). In the Enlightenment Gallery. 


Viewing the other end of the long room that comprises the Enlightenment Gallery.


The totem pole from Queen Charlotte Island in Canada.


The Living and Dying Exhibition in Room 24.


Sculpture from Easter Island in the Living and Dying Exhibition.


From the Brititsh Museum note: “A Haida totemic cedar door frame, carved c. 1870, from Tanu village on Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii Archipelago in British Columbia. The split top held the ridge pole of the house. It has a spirit eagle on top of another unknown spirit animal.” 


A Living and Dying display on people of the Northern Arctic.


Another view of the Northern Arctic display.

We spent two hours in the museum and could have spent several days if we had the time. I think one might spend a year here and still not see everything!


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