London 2013: More photos of Brick Lane

Here are some more photos from the stroll I took down Brick Lane in September:

IMG_5613-1IMG_5614-1IMG_5615-1IMG_5617-1IMG_5618-1IMG_5623-1IMG_5624-1IMG_5625-1IMG_5626-1IMG_5628-1IMG_5629-1IMG_5630-1IMG_5631-1IMG_5632-1IMG_5637-1IMG_5642-1 IMG_5643-1IMG_5645-2IMG_5649-2IMG_5653-2IMG_5656-1IMG_5657-1IMG_5658-1IMG_5659-1IMG_5662-1IMG_5671-1On our next day in London we visited Covent Garden at the beginning of our West End Walk. That will be the subject of my next posting.

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I am a family man with interests in family history, photography, history and travel.
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1 Response to London 2013: More photos of Brick Lane

  1. gpcox says:

    For someone who has never been to London, this is just not the type of art one pictures in their mind – but it is only logical.

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