London 2013: Harrods is a Zoo!

We couldn’t spend two weeks in London without shopping at least once at Harrods, Europe’s largest department store. So one day we took the Tube to Knightsbridge Station and walked down Brompton Road a couple of blocks and entered the great store.

One of four Brompton Road entrances to Harrods.

One of four Brompton Road entrances to Harrods.

In 1851 Charles Henry Harrod relocated his Stepney grocery store to Brompton Road in Knightsbridge and his son Charles Digby Harrod expanded the business considerably. The present building was begun in 1894 and completed in 1905.  In 1985 Harrods was sold to the Fayed Brothers who in turn sold the business to Qatar Holdings in 2010.

The store ‘s interior has an Egyptian motif, especially around the elevators and escalators.


Egyptian motif near the elevators and escalators. Incidentally, England’s first moving staircase was installed at Harrods in 1898.


Egyptian decor above the elevators.

We spent some time in most of the popular departments but bought most of our gifts and souvenirs in or near the children’s toy department. That’s where we came across the zoo!

The first animal we encountered at Harrods.

The first animal we encountered at Harrods.


Harrods Bear and friend.


Wild animals at Harrods.


Another view of the Harrods Zoo.

On our way out we detoured through several food aisles and sampled some chocolate from Lebanon. Delicious!

After Harrods we had a nice lunch at a pub a block away and then we visited the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary a couple of blocks further down Brompton Road.  Then we turned around and walked to Buckingham Palace. That walk will be the subject of my next posting.


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