London 2013: Brompton Road to Buckingham Palace

After our Harrods visit we had lunch at a nearby pub (the Bunch of Grapes), visited the church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary down Brompton Road a couple of blocks from Harrods and then turned around and walked all the way to Trafalgar Square. I’ll split the walk up into three parts. The first leg will be from Brompton Road to Buckingham Palace.


The Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is also known as the Brompton Oratory, the London Oratory and even simply as The Oratory.

The Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is also known as the Brompton Oratory and is dedicated to St Philip Neri, the founder of the Rome Oratory. There is a monument inside to John Henry Newman who founded the Oratory of Birmingham, the first Oratorian church in England.   No photography is allowed inside the church. So my photos are only of the exterior.


The front entrance to the church.


The Baroque front facade.

The church was designed in the Italian Baroque architectural style of the 16th century and completed about two hundred years after Christopher Wren built St Paul’s. Herbert Gribble, the original architect, died soon after the main part of the church was completed in 1884. Another architect designed the dome and yet another the west facade that wasn’t completed until 1890. It’s the second largest Catholic Church in London (Westminster Cathedral is larger) and is well known for its music and Latin services. The Boys choir is famous for its recording of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.


Building next to the Knightsbridge Station.


Sculpture on building near Harrods.

We walked up Brompton Road past Harrods and the Knightsbridge Station where the A4 becomes Knightsbridge and headed east to Hyde Park Corner and the Wellington Arch. We then walked through Green Park on Constitution Hill past a few more monuments until we reached Buckingham Palace, home of the Royal Family.


The Wellington Arch.


The Bomber Command Memorial.


The Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace. Victoria Tower is in the background.


Another view of the Victoria Memorial. Big Ben is in the background.


A guard at Buckingham Palace.


He will march for about 20 or 30 yards and then turn around and march back.


The Changing of the Guard ceremony is usually held every day during the summer, less often during the rest of the year.


Buckingham Palace.


Queen Victoria is on the left


Queen Victoria.

Tomorrow I’ll cover the second part of our walk: The Mall between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.


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