Stonehenge Revisited

The other day I was going over the photos I took on our visit to Stonehenge last September and I made two momentous decisions: (1) it is finally time to replace the standard header on my blog with with one of my own photos (see above); and (2) why not play a little in Lightroom and see what one of the photos would look like in black and white.

Leanne Cole is an Australian photographer whose blog I have been following for more than three years. Lately Leanne has been running the Monochrome Madness Challenge on her blog and I thought I would submit this photo for her Week # 7 challenge.

IMG_5421-1Click here to see more color photos of Stonehenge. I think the black and white version is somewhat spooky. What do you think?


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I am a family man with interests in family history, photography, history and travel.
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3 Responses to Stonehenge Revisited

  1. lesleycarter says:

    Great shot! I haven’t been there in more than 10 years. I think I need to add it back to the list.


  2. lauramacky says:

    Some day I would love to visit Stonehenge. This really is a marvelous shot and conveys to me the mystery of what I believe Stonehenge has. Thank you for submitting it to Monochrome Madness!

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