Paris 2014: A Rainy Day at Sacre Coeur

Yesterday I mentioned what I liked best about Paris. What I liked least was the weather:  it rained on ten of the twenty days we spent in the City of Light. And I got a cold. And then I gave it to my wife. And in the middle of the night one of us would cough and the other would answer.

On one of those rainy days we took the #4 Metro line to Barbes Rochechouart and then climbed up Montmartre hill to see both the beautiful church known as Sacre Coeur and the beautiful view from the church’s steps.

When we reached the top of the steps the heavens opened up in a frenzy, the wind turned umbrellas inside-out and hundreds of tourists scrambled to get inside the church for protection. But two minutes before all of this happened I got to take this picture.

Sacre Coeur on a rainy day.

Sacre Coeur on a rainy day.

So even on one of the gloomiest days of our vacation, Paris was still lovely!

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1 Response to Paris 2014: A Rainy Day at Sacre Coeur

  1. gpcox says:

    Sorry it has taken me so long to make a return trip here. With Military Appreciation Month, things have been quite hectic. (Not handing you an excuse – just the reason)

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