Guam 2015: A Different Vacation

We just got back from a wonderful two-week vacation on the island of Guam, my wife’s birthplace. That’s why it was different from our other trips. I usually spend up to six months planning our vacations and setting up our itineraries. This time my wife did it all. I just sat back and relaxed, flowed with the tide and followed the crowd. And most of our trips are just the two of us but this time we brought our oldest daughter and her family along. And we had a blast!

Yes, that’s a new header for my blog. Here’s the entire photo:

Tarague Beach.

Tarague Beach.

Tarague Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Guam but most civilians never go there because it is on the grounds of Andersen Air Force Base. Lucky for us, one of my wife’s cousins is married to a retired Air Force officer who has a base pass and the four of us spent the better part of a day just hanging out and enjoying the view. And of course I took a lot of pictures!

So now it’s your turn to sit back and relax while I spend the next several weeks posting stories and photos from our different vacation!

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I am a family man with interests in family history, photography, history and travel.
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7 Responses to Guam 2015: A Different Vacation

  1. I am looking forward the arm-chair tour. Welcome home!

  2. gorgeous beach!! Amazing sky!

  3. disperser says:

    I should have started here . . .

    • I think you just broke the record for total number of my postings read in one day! And all in reverse order. You asked a question in your first comment and I believe you answered it yourself with this latest comment! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • disperser says:

      I would like to follow via e-mail, but I don’t see that option (perhaps I missed it).

      If I click Follow on the header it just means your blog shows up on my Reader, and if I ever used the Reader, I would see it. However, I don’t. I prefer getting e-mail notifications for the blogs I follow. You should be able to add that option for your layout. However, if you don’t, I’ll stop by when I remember.

      • You can follow a blog and then go to your own blog and use the Reader to choose to follow via email. Click on Blogs I follow and then click on the wheel icon to the right of Following. This will bring up a list of all blogs you are following. Click on edit for the blog you want and choose instant for emails of new postings. You can also turn on or off emails for comments.

      • disperser says:

        That usually works, but lately it’s not been very reliable (on some blogs I have to keep an eye on it as it sometimes changes on its own). But, OK, I’ll go that route.

        By the way, I noticed you followed me; don’t feel you have to. Unlike most people, I prefer people only follow me if they are going to read my stuff, and I have no problem if they don’t follow (I tend to write long posts and the occasional opinion pieces – it’s not for everybody).

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