Guam 2015: Tumon Sunset

Our favorite spot for musical entertainment during our two-week stay in Guam was the Bambu Bar and lounge in the lobby of the Outrigger Hotel and we often dropped by on our way home from dinner somewhere else on Guam — Hagatna, Agat, Tamuning or even somewhere else in Tumon — to listen to the relaxing music of Jesse Bias and Ruby Santos. But one early evening we visited the Reef Hotel next door to ours and then walked along the beach until we got to the Outrigger and then we decided to get to the lounge a little earlier than usual and both listen to our favorite musicians and have our dinner at the same time. The bar and lounge is just inside the hotel’s pool area and when the sun began to set I sneaked out from the lounge for a minute or two and took this photo.

Tumon Sunset. From the Outrigger Hotel's infinity pool.

Tumon Sunset. From the Outrigger Hotel’s infinity pool.

I then returned to finish my dinner and we listened to a few more songs and then walked up the hill to our hotel. That was the last time we would be around Tumon Bay at sunset time. A few days later our vacation was over and we flew back home knowing that we would never forget the beach and the coconut trees and the sunset and Ruby singing “Blue Bayou.”

Jesse and Ruby can be heard just about every night at the Bambu Bar. They play until 11pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Sometimes Ruby’s brother Les accompanies them on the guitar. They sing mostly popular American songs from the 70s and 80s but Ruby sometimes sings a Japanese song and we heard Jesse once sing a Filipino ballad. Ruby also plays the guitar while she sings and Jesse creates a lot of sound from a digital drum.

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5 Responses to Guam 2015: Tumon Sunset

  1. genevievia says:

    Gorgeous photo! Take a look at my blog if you ever find yourself missing Guam… 🙂

  2. breathtaking shot!!

  3. disperser says:

    Very nice capture.

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