Guam 2015 and MM 2-18: Boat on the Beach

It was about an hour before sunset and we were strolling along Tumon Beach near the Reef Hotel when we came across these guys hauling their boat up on the beach. No more sailing today. Dinnertime. Good idea. So we decided to stop at the Outrigger for a meal. This is my entry this week to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.

Outrigger canoe ("proa" in Chamorro) on Tumon beach.

Outrigger canoe (“proa” in Chamorro) on Tumon Beach.

Mariners from southeast Asia began to explore and settle the islands of the Pacific thousands of years ago. The outrigger canoe in the photo is a modern version of the boats used by these ancient mariners whose descendants are the Micronesians, Polynesians and Melanesians of today. The word for “boat” in Chamorro is “proa” and that word entered the English language in the 18th century and is generally defined as a canoe-like boat that is usually equipped with an outrigger and sails.

Antonio Pigafetta was the first European to describe a proa. He was a wealthy Venetian scholar who sailed with Magellan on the first circumnavigation of the earth and kept a detailed journal on the three-year voyage. In 1521 Magellan’s ships visited Guam and Pigafetta reported that the Chamorro outrigger canoes were faster and more maneuverable than any of the five Spanish ships. He thought they looked a lot like some of the Venetian gondolas he was familiar with back home.

Why don’t you drop by Leanne’s website to see what other photographers are doing in monochrome this week?

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2 Responses to Guam 2015 and MM 2-18: Boat on the Beach

  1. mohnfoto says:

    Love the photo! 🙂

  2. love the treatment! A very nostalgic feel!

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