The Views from Sausalito

Sausalito is a pretty little city on the Marin County side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was once a sleepy fishing village but then it turned into a major shipyard during World War II. And after the war artists moved in on houseboats while wealthier neighbors settled down on houses built on the hill. Then came the flower children of the 60s followed by a rougher crowd in the 70s. The culture war that ensued has quieted down now and cafes and art galleries have cropped up and tourists today drop by to enjoy the sensational views from just about anywhere in town. Incidentally, there are still about 400 houseboats in the Sausalito area but the residents prefer the name “floating homes.” Otis Redding was living on one of them in 1967 when he wrote “The Dock of the Bay.”

Angel Island from Sausalito.

Angel Island from Sausalito.

After our time at the Palace of Fine Arts (see previous posting) we drove our Irish cousins across the Bridge to show them Sausalito and the views. We also had lunch at a cafe on Bridgeway, Sausalito’s main street, near where I took these photos.


View of San Francisco skyline and the Bay Bridge.


View of people looking at the view. Oh wait, only one guy is looking at the view. Others are looking at their cameras, smartphones or whatever. Oh, well. [crop of previous photo]


In this photo it looks like the seagull has the best view.

Would you like to see some more views from Sausalito? Bridgeway runs along Sausalito’s eastern shore facing Belvedere and Angel Island. To the west are the houses on the hill. Look south to see the San Francisco skyline and the Bay Bridge. Further south and around Marin County’s southernmost tip another bridge comes into view. A few years ago my younger daughter and I visited the Bay Area Discovery Museum at Fort Baker with my two oldest grandkids (one hers, one belonging to my older daughter). Here are a few photos of that other bridge I took on that outing.

The Golden Gate Bridge from the Bay Area Discovery Museum at Fort Baker.

The Golden Gate Bridge from the Bay Area Discovery Museum at Fort Baker.

IMG_1746-2IMG_1780-Edit-Edit-2IMG_1785c-2The Discovery Museum is located at 557 McReynolds Rd in Sausalito. Fort Baker is within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area which is managed by the National Park Service. Just take the Alexander Ave exit from 101 and follow the signs. You can also get to Bridgeway from the same freeway exit (or a couple of others further north).


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4 Responses to The Views from Sausalito

  1. Huh, Fort Baker in the daylight is pretty! I’ve only made that image in the dark sky. You have a lovely family, and made some amazing images from Sausalito! Apart from Fort Baker, I’ve only eaten there.

  2. Looks lovely and a great different view of the city. We never stopped when we visited such a busy city and time… Gorgeous though thanks for sharing … Beautiful photos

  3. disperser says:

    I’ll get there someday . . . hopefully, the bridge will still be there.

  4. chattykerry says:

    Great photos – I rarely get good weather when I visit the city of my birth.:(

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