Dublin in Monochrome, with a Touch of Green

One day in March of 2009 we walked from our hotel in Sutton to Howth in the northeast corner of County Dublin and we then walked around Howth for awhile and then hopped on the DART to downtown Dublin and walked around there for awhile, too. Here are some monochrome pictures of some of the sights we saw that day.


We in the San Francisco Bay Area have our BART and Dubliners have their DART.  This is the train we boarded in Howth for our trip to Dublin.


We disembarked at Connelly Station and walked along Lower Abbey Street heading for O’Connell Street, Dublin’s main thoroughfare. We passed the Irish Life Centre Plaza and this sculpture called Chariot of Life by Oisin Kelly.


The Daniel O’Connell Monument on O’Connell Street. O’Connell (1775 – 1847) was known as The Liberator.


Statue of Thomas Moore, famous Irish poet, singer, songwriter and entertainer. Our visit to Dublin occurred a few days after St Patrick’s Day. Some reveler looped a green ribbon and medal over Moore’s cloak. I wonder how long it stayed there. Moore is famous for The Minstrel Boy and The Last Rose of Summer. He also wrote The Harp that Once through Tara’s Halls. Be sure to read the last paragraph of this posting for a special treat.


The main entrance to Trinity College on College Green.


Another view of College Green.


Henry Grattan statue on College Green. Grattan (1746 – 1820) was a famous orator. The building north of the monument once held his Irish Parliament but is now The Bank of Ireland. Further up the street was a statue of William of Orange on horseback. It was blown up in 1928. Dubliners still remember when King Billy and his Protestants defeated the Catholics at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.


Dublin’s Wall of Fame is in the Temple Bar district between College Green and the River Liffey. I recognized Sinead O’Connor and Luke Kelly.


The O’Connell Bridge over the River Liffey. According to Wikipedia, this is the only traffic bridge in Europe that is wider than it is long.


William Smith O’Brien (1803 – 1864) was the leader of the Young Ireland movement that led to the 1848 Irish Rebellion.


Sir John Gray (1815 – 1875) was a businessman, physician, journalist and nationalist. He owned the Freeman’s Journal and was a supporter of Daniel O’Connell. He is also given credit for producing the fresh water supply for the city of Dublin and its suburbs.


The Spire is the world’s tallest public art. Dubliners love to give nicknames to their works of art. They call the Spire “The Stiletto in the Ghetto,” “The Syringe in the Binge,” “The Nail in the Pale,” “The Pin in the Bin,” “The Spire in the Mire,” “The Pole in the Hole,” and “The Rod to God.”


We passed this buggy Internet Cafe with Asian signs on our way back to the train station.  Yes, this building is really in Dublin!

OK, now it’s time for a special treat. Thomas Moore’s most famous song was The Last Rose of Summer and one of the most famous soprano singers of the 19th century was Adelina Patti. In 1906, at the age of 63 — way past her prime — she recorded Moore’s famous song. Click here to listen.






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5 Responses to Dublin in Monochrome, with a Touch of Green

  1. Elizabeth says:


  2. I was only just walking down O’Connell Street!! Love your pics of Dublin!!

  3. dtoddbell says:

    I love this. I love Dublin, though it’s been years. That little touch of green, it does something. I can’t put my finger on it, but it takes my breath away.

  4. LOL! I love that they have DART and we have BART! That’s neat. I also like your “hat tip” to the Irish with the selective green bits in the images, and last but not least I love how you capture the people, and cities when you do your photowalks!

    I hope you join the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk I’m doing in San Francisco. I’d love to meet you, and shoot an iconic part of SF together.

  5. I wasn’t planning on doing the Kelby walk. I did one in Oakland several years ago. I think there are two SF walks — Mission and GG Bridge. Which one are you doing? It looks like the Mission walk is full. I’m glad you liked my blog postings on photowalks. Most of them were not with groups — just my wife and I.

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