Bike Borrowing in Barcelona

It’s called “bicing” and pronounced “bee-sing.” You borrow a bike at a station near your home and then ride to another station near your work. Periodically during the day you will see these trailers redistributing the bikes among the various stations.

This posting is a test for displaying large photos. Two of the blogs I follow — MVSCHULZE and DISPERSER TRACKS —  always mention that you can click on a photo to see a larger, higher resolution picture. I have been blogging for five years and never knew it was this easy! Thanks for the info, Wolf!

A line of kids and a load of bikes at the foot of La Rambla near the Colon Monument.

A line of kids and a load of bikes at the foot of La Rambla near the Colon Monument.

So if I did this correctly you should be able to click on the photo above and see a picture twice as large.

Did it work?


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2 Responses to Bike Borrowing in Barcelona

  1. disperser says:

    It works. It’s actually two clicks, depending on the size of the photo versus the size of the window you open it in. The first click fills the frame, but if the cursor shows a (+) it means the photo is larger still and you can click again for the full-size (zoomed in) version. You can then use the sliders for the window to navigate the photo.

    An extreme example is here (about halfway down):

    Also, I usually click the option to open in a new window or tab. Some people don’t like that, but I hate clicking on something and going away from the original. I prefer clicking to open a new window or tab, then close the window or tab to return where I was.

    I saddle my readers with my preferences.

    • OK, there you go — two clicks. The photo in the post is 640 pixels wide. One click and you get a picture that is about 50% larger — 960 pixels. One more click and you see a photo that nearly fills the screen. The photo I uploaded to WordPress is 1280 pixels wide. Thanks again, Disperser!

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