More on the Monastery at Montserrat

We spent four hours visiting the monastery at Montserrat one day during our week-long stay in Barcelona last October. In my previous posting (see here) I concentrated on the photos I took  of the Black Madonna and the Boys’ Choir inside the Basilica. In this posting I will show you some more photos of the rest of the monastery.


The main entrance to the monastery.

Click on the photo for a larger version of that photo.


You have to go through this building to enter the Basilica.


St George by Josep M Subirachs. Many of the sculptures in Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia are by Subirachs.


Detail of Basilica entrance.


Above the Basilica’s main portal.


Pope Leo XIII declared the Blessed Virgin of Montserrat the patron saint of Catalonia in 1881.


Facade of building in atrium in front of the Basilica. I believe this is where the monks live.


View of chapel below the monastery. The chapel was built over a cave where the apparition of the Virgin Mary took place centuries ago.


St John Bosco founded the Salesian Congregation and was  instrumental in the building of both Sacre Cour in Paris and Sagrat Cor in Barcelona.


Statues and view from the monastery’s main square.


St Theresa of Avila.


St John Baptist de la Salle founded the Christian Brothers and is the patron saint of teachers.


Tomb of Bernat II of Vilamari, a Spanish admiral who died in 1512.


Looking back at the other end of the monastery. The rear of the Basilica (apse) is on the left.


Ramon Llul monument by Subirachs at overlook near the parking lot. Llul (1232 – 1315) was a philosopher and mystic who is credited as being the first writer of literature in Catalan.


Looking back at the monastery from the overlook near the parking lot.

Montserrat is about 30 miles northwest of Barcelona. See here for my posting on how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona.

In my next posting I will show the photos I took on my hike to St Michael’s Cross from the Monastery.





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3 Responses to More on the Monastery at Montserrat

  1. disperser says:

    Nice . . . but those rocks would make me nervous.

  2. What an impressive backdrop to this Monastery! Great tour! Looking forward to see more of it.

  3. I especially love the view from the main square! Lovely images!

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