The Glasgow Boys in Kelvingrove

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow is the home for a large collection of paintings by a group of artists known as the Glasgow Boys. The group by and large were anti-establishment when they were young, turning their backs on the generally accepted subject of  realistic landscapes, preferring instead more natural subjects such as rural families tending to their animals. Many of these artists, however, joined the establishment by the time they reached middle age and became famous portrait painters.

IMG_5612-1Click on any photo to see a larger version of that photo


E A Walton, A Surrey Mead0w – Morning, 1880


I was impressed with the informational posters that accompanied the collection of paintings and will show some of these posters instead of commenting on individual paintings.


George Henry, Head of the Holy Loch, 1882


James Guthrie, Hard at It, 1883


James Paterson, The Last Turning, Winter, Moniave, 1885



William Kennedy, Homewards, 1891

IMG_5611-1George Henry and another Glasgow Boy, E A Hornel, went to Japan in 1893 to study Japanese art.


George Henry, Japanese Lady with a Fan, 1894



David Gauld, Portrait Head, 1893



John Lavery, Russian Ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova dancing, 1910



Alexander Roche, Here Ouse Slow Winding through a Lovely Plain, 1918


E A Walton, The Smithy at the Crossroads, 1922

In my next posting we will look at other treasures we discovered during our visit to the Kelvingrove Museum on our last day in Glasgow.

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  1. disperser says:

    Interesting reading.

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