MM 3-23 Dancing along the River Clyde in Glasgow

I was walking along the River Clyde in Glasgow one Sunday during our recent trip to Scotland and came across this scene. There were lots of other people walking along just like me. And some were on bikes. And some paused their walk or ride when they heard some music and danced a bit. Others like me paused to watch them dance. Then they continued on their way and so did I.


Dancing along the Clyde. Across the river is Laurieston House on Carlton Place.  John Laurie wanted to build a high-class residential area near the river during the early years of the 19th century but wealthy Glaswegians preferred to live elsewhere and Laurie’s development failed. John and his brother David lived there for awhile but that was around 200 years ago. I believe the building is mostly empty these days.

Click on the photo to see a larger version of that photo.

I walked across the South Portland Street suspension bridge and returned 10 or 15 minutes later and the music was still playing and people were still dancing but they were a completely different group of people. I guess this goes on all day! Maybe just on Sundays.

This will be my entry for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge this week. Go check out Leanne’s website to see what other photographers are doing in monochrome these days.

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7 Responses to MM 3-23 Dancing along the River Clyde in Glasgow

  1. Rajiv says:

    This is very cool!

  2. Rajiv says:

    These are lovely images

  3. Looks fun! Great find, and image! I’m sure it’s going to be a a memory that makes you smile and wonder for a long time. 🙂

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