MM 3-25 Our Daughters’ First Pet

I had to go back all the way to the 1970s to get this photo for this weeks Monochrome Madness Pet theme. It’s a shot of my two daughters and their first pet, Clara. I think this is the only time that I ever got Clara to pose for the camera!


Clara was our daughters’ first pet.

Click on the photo to see a larger version of the photo.

Clara actually belonged to my older daughter, Denise. A year or so after this picture was taken our younger daughter, Debbie, asked Santa Claus for a puppy and Santa deposited a little Sheltie near our fireplace on Christmas morning.  Clara was not too happy about this new addition to the family. In fact, she chased Buffy every day for about a year. Then one day Buffy realized that he was now bigger than Clara and he started to chase her. That did it.  Clara ran away the next day.

After a while we got another cat. Diamond and Buffy were best friends!

I took this photo with my old Olympus OM-1 35mm camera and digitized it with my Nikon slide scanner a few years ago. The other day I converted it to monochrome with Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Australian photographer Leanne Cole hosts the weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge. Drop by Leanne’s website this week to see what other photographers came up with for their Pet theme.

Oh, one more thing about that Christmas a long time ago:  Denise didn’t think there was a chance in the world for Debbie to get a puppy for Christmas and she was flabbergasted. I even heard her mumble “Next year I’m going to ask for a bird!” She forgot all about this wish a year later, though, and we never reminded her. A cat and a dog were enough!

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5 Responses to MM 3-25 Our Daughters’ First Pet

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    Sweet and adorable, your daughters. I like their expression of excitement on their faces.

  2. mvschulze says:

    I love their eyes, including the cat!
    I too used a Nikon slide scanner – in my case to digitalize about 20,000 slides. It was an arduous task, but worth every hour…I think! M 🙂

  3. Thanks, Marty. It took me 8 years to get all of my slides into my computer.

  4. Amy says:

    Precious photo! Thank you for sharing.

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