MM 4-03 Here comes the pitch!

For one of last year’s Monochrome Madness Challenges I submitted a photo of my middle granddaughter getting her first hit (see here).  That was when she was 7 years-old and in the second grade. Well, she just turned nine and in her second year of girls softball she has added pitching to her repertoire. And for this week’s MM Challenge I am submitting this photo of a game the other day in which she was the starting pitcher.

Starting her double wind-up.

Click on the photo to see a larger version of the photo.

Here are a few more photos from that game:

In the middle of her wind-up.

A break between innings.

There’s a league rule that you can only pitch a maximum of two innings. So my granddaughter played third base for the rest of the game.

This is what happens when you focus on the fence in front of you instead of the ball player on the other side of the fence!

She also got two hits and was given credit for two putouts, one of which was the highlight of the game: With 2 outs and the bases loaded she fielded a dribbler to the mound and ran to home plate, beating the runner from third base and so ending the inning!

Australian photographer Leanne Cole hosts the weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge. Drop by her website this Thursday (Wednesday in North America and Europe) to see what photographers from all over the world are doing in monochrome these days.


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4 Responses to MM 4-03 Here comes the pitch!

  1. wonderful pics from a proud grandpa!! I love baseball!!

  2. Amy says:

    She is so focused, very impressive!!

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