MM 4-04 Avebury Stones

My wife and I visited London during the Fall of 2013 and one day signed up for an all-day bus tour to Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Avebury. Over the years I have posted several photos and stories about our Stonehenge (see here and  here) and Glastonbury (see here and here and here and here) adventures but until now have neglected any mention of Avebury. So for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge I have decided to show a portion of the stone circles of Avebury that are much larger than the more famous Stonehenge monument twenty miles away.

There are three stone circles to explore at Avebury and you can walk right up to the stones.

Click on the photo to see a larger version of the photo.

Stonehenge is roped off and you can get only so close but at Avebury you can walk right up and touch the stones.  No one minds if you walk along the sheep, either, as long as you close the gates behind you!

Australian photographer Leanne Cole hosts the weekly Monochrome Madness Challenge. Drop by her website on Thursdays (Wednesdays in North America and Europe) to see what photographers from all over the world are doing in monochrome these days.

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4 Responses to MM 4-04 Avebury Stones

  1. Pieter says:

    It’s such a weird sight.. the town encapsulated by the stone circles and the road going right through it.. visited this place in 2013, pretty magic spot. Nice photo 🙂

  2. Peter Klopp says:

    As much as we already know about Stonehenge and other similar sites, the mystery remains: How were the ancient people able to move these stones? Thanks for a great post and picture!

  3. Amy says:

    Magnificent BnW image!

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