Santiago’s Praza das Praterias — the Square of the Silversmiths

Pilgrims who walked the Camino Santiago during the Middle Ages arrived at their destination by entering the Santiago Cathedral via its north entrance off the Praza da Inmaculada (see here). For the last few hundred years they walked a tad further to the Praza do Obradoiro (see here) and entered the cathedral through the Glory Portal in the west entrance. But that entrance is now closed for a major restoration and modern-day pilgrims enter the cathedral through the double doors of the south entrance just above the steps leading to the Praza das Praterias  (Plaza de Platerias in Spanish). The square got its name from all of the silversmiths who set up their shops here hundreds of years ago. And some of their descendants are still there today.

Praza das Praterias in front of the Cathedral’s south entrance and clock tower known as Berenguela. The lower half of the tower was built in the Romanesque style in the 15th century. The upper half was constructed in the Baroque style in the 17th century.

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The Fountain of the Horses (Fuente de los Caballos) has sat in the middle of Praza das Praterias since 1825. The building in the background is  called Casa del Cabildo and is just a facade. It was built in 1758 by Fernandez Sarela who also designed the Casa del Dean nearby.

We enjoyed a concert in the Praza after we attended the noon Pilgrim’s Mass. The wall in the background belongs to the east side of the Cathedral’s cloister. Those are silversmith shops in the arches on the ground floor. The cloister’s Treasury Facade dates from the 16th century.

The Treasury Tower on the southeast corner of the cloister and its pyramidal steeple.

The Angel gift shop on the east side of the Praza. Next door is an old Bank of Spain building that has been turned into a museum.

One more view of the Praza and Clock Tower as we left the concert in search of lunch.

There are more photos and info on Praza das Praterias in my posting on the Pilgrim’s Mass. See here.

Let’s walk over to the Praza do Quintana on the east side of the Cathedral in my next posting.

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