Porto from the Yellow Bus

One day in May of last year we hopped on the Yellow Bus to see the sights of Porto. Here’s what we saw:

One of our first views of the Rio Douro.

Click on any photo to see a larger version of that photo.

We rode around central Porto passing by many of the historical district’s churches and government buildings. Then we headed west to the city of Matosinhos on the Atlantic coast.

Praza da Batalha and the church of St Ildefonso.

Praza de Dom Joao I.

The Rivoli, Porto’s municipal theatre (Teatro Municipal do Porto).

Porto’s City Hall ( Camara Municipal do Porto).

St Anthony Hospital.

Old buildings, new art.

We passed this glass building at an angle but I used the vertical lens correction feature in Lightroom 5 to get this effect.

An unintended self-portrait.

A modern building with neoclassical features.

On the way to Matosinhos.

A school (Colégio Ramalhete) in the Foz do Douro district of Porto near Matosinhos.

King John VI near the Cheese Castle in Matosinhos on the Atlantic coast.

Three ladies in the back of the bus.

Tragedy at Sea sculpture by Jose Joao Brito. The bus took us to this beach in the city of Matosinhos northwest of Porto.

The first bus tour took about two hours. We then hopped on our second bus and stayed on it for about an hour before hopping off in Gaia for lunch.

The hazards of posting a photo taken a year ago: I don’t have any idea of what this monument is all about or exactly where it is! According to its metadata I took this photo 17 minutes before the one below in Ouro and about a half-hour into our second bus tour.

Ouro is west of central Porto and near the mouth of the Douro.

The Arrabida Bridge is one bridge downstream from the Dom Luis I Bridge.

A tour boat cruises under the Arrabida Bridge.

The Ribeira district of Porto.

The Franciscan churches of Porto. I submitted a monochrome version of this photo for MM 4-33. See here.

That’s the Se Cathedral up on the hill.

Tiles near the entrance to the lower deck of the Dom Luis I Bridge.

The best of Porto.

The famous Guindais funicular is on the left. Porto’s central district is on top of the hill at the other end of the funicular.

View from the middle of the Dom Luis I Bridge’s lower deck.

When we got to the other side of the Douro we decided to hop off and grab some lunch. Then we walked around Gaia for the rest of the afternoon. In my next posting I will show you some pictures from that walk.

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12 Responses to Porto from the Yellow Bus

  1. disperser says:

    Quite the tour . . . you could use Google Earth’s street view and try to find the monument, especially if you have a general idea of the route you took.

    • I used Google Maps satellite view to identify the hospital and the school but couldn’t find the monument and gave up after a couple of hours.

    • disperser says:

      Did you just use the satellite or actually used the street views? That monument might be difficult to spot from a satellite view.

      Anyway, you know about using Google Maps/Earth, so that’s where my advice ends.

      Other than, perhaps, if your original is of high enough quality to be able to read something on the monument that would help with identification.

    • disperser says:

      You probably have it, but here’s the route of the two bus tours. Perhaps it will trigger a memory and narrow the search:

      Click to access FolhetoPorto.pdf

    • disperser says:

      One other thing . . . Google Earth has an option for 3D view that’s a little better for navigating Satellite images. It’s not the same as Maps.

  2. Peter Klopp says:

    An amazing array of beautiful photos in and around Porto! I am also impressed with the energy you had to do this tour de force in a single day. Thanks for the visual tour!

    • Thanks, Peter! We were only in Porto for a short time so we decided to make the best use of that time. We arrived at our hotel around 5pm on our first day after a five-hour bus ride from Santiago. Then on the second day we took these bus tours and walked around Gaia (see my next posting for pics on that walk). Then on the third day we took two short walks plus a one-hour cruise on the Douro. We left Porto the next morning before sunrise for an early flight to Madrid.

      • Peter Klopp says:

        Considering that you are one of my fellow seniors riding into the golden sunset, I admire your adventurous spirit to take on such fast-paced tours and bringing back so many precious memories and photos.

  3. Olga Brochado says:

    Beautiful photos of an amazing town. Thank you!

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