Our Latest Visit to Two Lovers Point

Most visitors to Guam stay at one of dozens of hotels along Tumon Bay on the northwest coast of Guam. And just north of Tumon Bay is Guam’s most popular tourist attraction, Two Lovers Point. We took our older daughter and her family to Two Lovers Point three years ago and we returned this year with our younger daughter and her family.

The walkway to the Two Lovers statue from the parking area. In the background is the two-tiered viewing platform that sticks out over the cliff.

Click on any photo to see a large version of that photo. In most cases if you click again you will see an even larger version.

Puntan Dos Amantes is Chamorro for Two Lovers Point.

The love-lock craze started in Paris several years ago and has spread all over the world including Guam. You can buy a colorful lock at the nearby gift shop. They will even sell you a sharpie pen to write your proclamation of eternal love.

Here’s the color version of the photo I submitted for Leanne Cole’s MM 219 (see previous posting).

My wife with her umbrella on a hot afternoon.

Looking down at jet skis about 400 feet below the cliff.

View of the Philippine Sea. Manilla is about a thousand miles away.

I’m at the lower platform looking up at my family on the upper platform.

The jet skiers decided to return to Tumon Bay.

Now I’m on the upper platform looking down at my family.

The Hilton Hotel is on the south side of Tumon Bay.

The Terraza café at the edge of the cliff.

Tumon Bay from the platform. The hotel closest to us on the left is the Nikko where we stayed during our visit in 2004.

There’s a terrace between the entrance gate and the viewing platforms that contains five blocks that tell the story of the legendary two lovers. There is only one word on each of the blocks that tell the story of the Chamorro lovers who tied their hair together and jumped off the cliff, choosing death over a forced marriage to a Spanish officer.

From left to right this would be the fifth block but the story has to be read from right to left. So this is block # 1.

Block # 2.

Block # 3.

A heart-shaped bench for photo sessions blocks block # 4. I don’t know what happened to the block. We saw the image in 2015 of the Spanish soldiers approaching the lovers as they were about to jump. The one word description for this block was “tragedy.”

The last of the five blocks.

Stairs and railings to the Terraza café and grill. We have yet to dine there. Someday.

Our 12-year-old granddaughter poses for her Mom at the Love Bell, a gift from the people of Izu, Japan.

Of course our 10-year-old granddaughter had to ring the bell, too!

View of the landscape from the parking area.

See here for an account of our visit to Two Lovers Point in 2015 with our older daughter and her family.

See here for photos and more info on that bridge in Paris where that love-lock craze started.

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  1. amazing pics – and story!!!! Beautiful family!

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