Return to Cocos Island

Three years ago we visited Cocos Island off the southwest coast of Guam with our older daughter and her family. We returned to the mile-long island this year with our younger daughter and her family.

Leaving Merizo. Cocos Island is about a mile off the southwest coast of Guam.

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Cocos Island Resort is a rather dumpy place with exorbitant prices. Discounts are available for local residents and military. My wife was born on Guam and so qualified for the $25 ferry ticket that included a buffet lunch. The tickets for my two granddaughters also cost $25 each but did not include any lunch. My daughter, son-in-law and I had to fork over $40 each and we didn’t get any free lunch, either. Three years ago all of us qualified for the local discount.

Our friendly ferry skipper. The boat trip takes only a few minutes.

Looking back at Guam from Cocos Island. These jet skis can be rented for 30 minute periods at the Cocos Island Resort.

The Cocos Island Resort pier. Parasailing is one of the many water sports / activities available at Cocos Island Resort.

Near the beach at Cocos Island. 

The other side of Cocos Island, which is about a mile long but only a couple of hundred yards wide.

The Jungle Walk. We walked down this path for about a half hour and then turned around and walked back. On our journey we saw several geckos, a few coconut crabs and one iguana.

Nothing is free at Cocos Island. You have to rent the chairs and umbrellas. I bought a 12 oz. bottle of water at a gas station mini-mart on Marine Corp Drive for 79 cents. That same bottle cost $4 on Cocos Island.

My granddaughters waiting for their cheeseburgers. They were hungry after walking in the jungle and playing on the beach. I also had a cheeseburger but had to walk over to the cafeteria in another building to get my beer.

Lots of birds on Cocos Island. The brown tree snake wiped out most of the birds on Guam but has yet to make it to Cocos Island.

The view from the Cocos Island Resort pier.

Me and my daughter and her family. We enjoyed the ride back to Merizo.

My wife and her husband relaxing on the ferry.

Back on Guam. The last ferry leaves Cocos Island at 4:00pm.

For an account of our 2015 trip to Cocos Island see here.

We visited Talofofo on the eastern side of Guam the next day. I’ll post some photos of that trip next week.

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13 Responses to Return to Cocos Island

  1. That is beautiful! Any great hiking trails in the area?

  2. Peter Klopp says:

    Cocos Island to judge by your lovely photos looks like a dream island to me, but why is it so expensive to buy simple stuff like a bottle of water?

    • Two-thirds of the island is controlled by Cocos Island Resort which caters to Japanese tourists. The US Government controls the remaining one-third and has turned it into a park with few facilities. Locals take their own boats and go to this part of the island for picnics, fishing, etc. There is no charge for using this part of the island. Locals bring their own food and water. They usually get harassed and chased out if they drift into the Cocos Island Resort property. It may look like a dream island but the buildings are sub-standard and the service is pretty bad. The cafeteria was closed down earlier this year for failing to pass the health inspection. We encountered some friendly Chamorro employees but most of the employees seemed to be immigrants from neighboring Micronesian islands and don’t speak English too well. I am guessing here but I think they probably receive among the lowest wages in Guam. You pay for your food and rental equipment and services at the office at the end of the pier and you receive coupons. Cash is not used anywhere else on the island except for a couple of vending machines in the lounge.

      • Peter Klopp says:

        Thanks for taking the time to explain the situation on Cocos Island! Except for the incredible seascape it is not too attractive for a tourist accustomed to the standards in North America.

  3. disperser says:

    I’m left wondering why anyone would go there.

  4. How tragic that the Brown Tree Snake wasn’t controlled to save the birds! I imagine there were some lovely exotic birds lost there on Guam. I used to work with a man from Guam. He told me about the Fruit Bat. I’ve wanted to see one since. Are they wiped out too, or still thriving there?

    I’d make the trip to Coco’s Is. for the birds alone. 🙂

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