I Voted Today

Every registered voter in California received a ballot in the mail for the November 3rd election. Ours were mailed out on October 5th and we received them in the mail a few days later. I spent a couple of days checking out the candidates and studying the pros and cons of all the propositions. Then I put the ballot in the special envelope that came with the ballot and signed the envelope and added my address and date.

We have the choice to either mail back our ballots or drop them off at a secure, 24-hour drop box. We chose to drive to our local official drop box which is about three miles from our home.

vote 2020

I made use of the Internet in my research on the candidates and propositions.  Our state has a website called California Choices where one can find the pros and cons, both summarized and in depth, on both state and local propositions. The website also includes charts on which political organizations, newspapers and unions are for or against specific measures.

See here for more about California Choices.
See here for detailed information on the measures in our county (Alameda).
See here for information on the candidates running for local offices in Alameda County (only about half of the candidates supplied links to websites with detailed information on themselves).

See here for the California Secretary of State website’s information on people running for president and vice president.

Cal Matters is a non-profit, nonpartisan journalism organization whose website contains detailed information on California candidates running for state and national offices.
See here for info on congressional races.
See here for info on state senate races.
See here for info on state assembly races.
I already knew who I was going to vote for in the national and state elections and so did not need to do any further research in these regards.

The state also mails out a 112-page Voter Information Guide with detailed information on state and local propositions.

See here to find out how to track your ballot in California. I have already received email messages confirming my signup and informing me when my ballot was in the mail to me. I will also receive email messages when my filled-in ballot is received and when it is counted.

Drop boxes are available until 8pm on Tuesday, November 3rd. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked by November 3rd. No stamps are needed.

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1 Response to I Voted Today

  1. I applied or an Absentee ballot and received a mail-in ballot. I’m very disappointed about that!!

    I am not filling out. I am going to vote hand it in and vote in person. I have also been waiting for the October Surprise!

    It came this week with the Biden Son mess. Yep. I’m paying attention. Are you?

    Voting in person and handing in my mail-in ballot here!

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