My journal entries cover the categories of Family History, American History, Photography and Travel — which are my major interests in life outside of my family. I’m also a diehard sports fan and so will write once in a while about one of the teams I follow.

Check the Surnames tab for a list of the surnames I have been researching.

Check the Travel tab for a list of the places around the world that I have visited.

11 Responses to About

  1. mvschulze says:

    Hello: As part of a technical condition of responding to a nomination, I have listed Crow Canyon Journal as a recommendation for the same Sunshine Award. It all seems a little hooky, but If you wish to pursue this please see my site at Mvschulze.wordpresss,com under the “Awards” Page.
    And thank you for your time and effort in producing your most enjoyable posts. Sincerely, Mschulze.

  2. mvschulze says:

    Correction of course, that would be: Mvschulze.wordpress.com M

  3. Tim says:

    Hi, I really like reading your blog and have found myself in many of the same places as you although I am envious of your trip to Guam in the “early days”. This may be inappropriate but could I make a suggestion regarding your blogroll. Sorry.
    The use of the “Insert More” tag on posts, leaves a “Continue Reading” link on your blog home page. That way when scrolling down that page you see only short lead-ins to the post. Makes it easier. Thanks, Tim

  4. lauramacky says:

    I’m assuming we live near each other from the title of your blog. Go Giants! Oh yeah and Go A’s, Go Niners, LOL. I like your blog. Thanks for being a loyal follower of mine.

  5. Wonderful blog!! Pleased to meet you!

  6. adegrandis says:

    Thanks for liking my blog – glad I found yours as a result, looks really interesting I’ll be back!

  7. Dina says:

    Nice to meet you, you have a wonderful blog with some fine photography!
    Best regards from the North,

  8. Hi, I found your article on Louis Bolduc and his family, and was wondering if you would be will to share the document you mentioned called “Boulduc to Bolduc”. I attempted to find the document in other places but haven’t found it yet. I don’t have access to Scribd, so I’m not able to get it through your link to the document.

    I am my family’s genealogist, and my husband’s, the latter is directly related to the Louis Bolduc who left Paris, France for Quebec. He was born in 1647, died in 1701.
    My husband’s maternal grandmother was Arvella Bolduc, granddaughter of Pierre Bolduc and Jessie Skilling originally of Trois-Rivieres area of Quebec.

  9. Elizabeth Valdez del says:

    I would like permission to publish a photograph of the Leon Cathedral cloister in a scholarly article to be published in the United States. Please inform me of any fees and how you wish to be credited.

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