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Venice (and Hemingway) in Monochrome

We took the train across Northern Italy from Milan to Venice in the spring of 2009 and stayed in Venice for four days. We had just spent the previous four days getting acquainted with Milan and Stresa, two key places … Continue reading

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Ireland 2019: Banksy’s Street Art at the Culloden

Can you think of a better anti-establishment symbol than Banksy, the anonymous street artist who has spread his satirical message on walls throughout the world? How about a better pro-establishment symbol in Northern Ireland than the splendid but stuffy Culloden … Continue reading

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Ireland 2019: The Culloden Estate and Spa in Cultra

The tiny community of Cultra is a wealthy suburb located just east of Holywood and is about five miles from central Belfast. As you drive along the tree-lined roads you will sometimes get a glimpse of the stately mansions set … Continue reading

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Ireland 2019: The Rest of the Ulster Museum

Believe it or not, we actually saw other things in the Ulster Museum that had nothing to do with the Game of Thrones. Unless, that is, these dinosaurs are considered cousins of dragons:

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MM 195 Octophant

I went back to our trip to London in 2013 to select my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge and its Street Art theme. We spent the better part of a day in the Brick Lane area of East … Continue reading

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The Blue Tiles of Porto, Part Two: Sao Bento

There are many ways of getting to Porto. You can take a boat down the Douro River. You can fly in to Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport from places such as London, Paris, Geneva, Lisbon or Madrid. You can drive your own … Continue reading

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MM 4-22 The entrance door to Milan Cathedral

There are doors and then there are DOORS. This one is made of bronze and it was designed by the Italian sculptor Lodovico Pogliaghi in 1902 and completed by him in 1908. You can find it protecting the main entrance … Continue reading

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MM 4-14 Roundabout Art in Ponferrada

We left León on our journey along the Camino Frances in northern Spain last Spring and traveled by train to Ponferrada, a charming little city nestled in the Bierzo hills of the province of León. Our hotel was on the … Continue reading

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Discovering León, Part Six: More Stained Glass Windows

The León Cathedral possesses some of the finest stained glass windows in the world. I have shown some of these windows in the last few postings. Here are ten more photos of this beautiful art:

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Discovering León, Part Five: Inside the León Cathedral

León’s Cathedral is the finest example of French Gothic architecture in all of Spain. Most of the church was built between 1255 and 1302. The cloister and north tower were added later in the 14th century and the south tower … Continue reading

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