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MM 4-13 León Cathedral’s South Facade

I have another photo of the León Cathedral to show you for this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge. This one features the cathedral’s south facade with its rose window and was taken from behind a planter in the Plaza de Regla.

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Discovering León, Part Seven: The Food is Free in León!

Well, it’s all free if you only eat tapas. And we soon found out that there were about a hundred tapas bars within six blocks south and west of our hotel. You order a drink and you are served a … Continue reading

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Discovering León, Part Six: More Stained Glass Windows

The León Cathedral possesses some of the finest stained glass windows in the world. I have shown some of these windows in the last few postings. Here are ten more photos of this beautiful art:

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Discovering León, Part Five: Inside the León Cathedral

León’s Cathedral is the finest example of French Gothic architecture in all of Spain. Most of the church was built between 1255 and 1302. The cloister and north tower were added later in the 14th century and the south tower … Continue reading

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MM 4-12 Chapel in León Cathedral

For this week’s Monochrome Madness Challenge I have chosen this photo of the chapel in the León Cathedral called Capilla de Santiago o de la Virgen del Camino (The chapel of St James or the Virgin of the Camino). The … Continue reading

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Discovering León, Part Four: The Cathedral’s Cloister

We walked to the Cathedral early Sunday afternoon but it was closed. So I took some pictures of the west and south facades and then we walked on to see other León landmarks. But we returned to the Cathedral shortly … Continue reading

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Discovering León, Part Three: The Cathedral and its Plaza

Its official name is Catedral de Santa Maria de Regla de León. One of its nicknames is Pulchra Leonina. Another is House of Light. But almost everybody just calls it Catedral de León — the Cathedral of León. It sits … Continue reading

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