I got interested in my genealogy in the early 1990s. These are the surnames I have been researching: Dwyer,  O’Dwyer,  Kenny, Kenney, Theler, Muckle, McAuliffe, Belduke, Bolduc, Gallagher, Ryan, McDevitt, Sullivan, Kiely, Kummelman, Gormley, Sheeran, Sheerin, Brown, McDonald, Lavigne.

Update (April 17, 2013): I have recently been researching the following Theler surname variations: Tehler, Tegler, Tegeler, Taegeler, Taegler, Teler, Teiler, Theiler, Tailer, Teieler, Teielers, Tailers, Tegeder, Teyeler, Teyelers, Tegelers, Teyelers Vom Bucholtz, Tailers Von Dem Buchholtze, Buchholz, Thaeler.

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  1. I am working on my family tree at the moment – when you say researching, can you go into a little more detail?

  2. In the 1990s I drove to several county courthouses, cemeteries and national and state archives to find birth, death and marriage records and census data. Now a lot of that info can be found online. I subscribe to Geni, My Heritage and Ancestry and also have found a lot of data at the LDS Family Search website. I look for all the US info I can find and then go back to Ireland, France and Germany. France and French Canada have a lot of good records, mostly Catholic Church baptism, marriage and death records. German research is very difficult because of all the different ways of spelling surnames. Newspaper obituaries can be treasures: you may be able to discover the married surnames of female relatives. Irish Catholics were not allowed to read or write for more than 100 years and so it is very hard to find genealogy info for Irish ancestors who lived before 1800. is expensive but I have found more info there than anywhere else. Good Luck with your research!

  3. Jack Butler says:

    Hi, can i ask what your name is for referencing?? thanks

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