Guam 2015 and MM 2-18: Boat on the Beach

It was about an hour before sunset and we were strolling along Tumon Beach near the Reef Hotel when we came across these guys hauling their boat up on the beach. No more sailing today. Dinnertime. Good idea. So we decided to stop at the Outrigger for a meal. This is my entry this week to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.

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MM 2-17: Monochrome Madness and the letter K

Leanne has suggested that the letter “K” be the theme for Monochrome Madness 2-17. So, let’s see, where have we been that starts with the letter K? Well, we followed the Oregon Trail through Kansas in 1987. And we stopped at Cologne (Koln in German) during our cruise down the Rhine in 2012. But no, I think I will go all the way back to 1981 — thirty-four years ago — when we visited  Kyoto during our trip to Japan and one day toured several temples and shrines in that city.

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Guam 2015: Breakfast at Pika’s Cafe in Tamuning

We ate breakfast inside our hotel on most of the 13 mornings we spent on Guam in April. But we ventured out a few times. Once we walked a block to a crowded Eggs ‘n Things at the entrance to the Reef Hotel. Another time we took our grandkids to the McDonald’s across the street while Mommy and Daddy packed for the flight back home. We also stopped by the restaurant at Day’s Inn one day so I could have my bacon and eggs while my wife consumed the fresh Chamorro food she had just purchased at Chode’s store in Hagatna (they made her eat outside on a bench near the hotel entrance). But then one day we drove to Pika’s Cafe up on Marine Drive and had the best breakfast during our stay in Guam.

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Guam 2015 and MM 2-16: A Taste of Monochrome

We stayed at the Westin Resort on Guam for two weeks in April of this year and we had breakfast a few times at the hotel’s Taste restaurant. The Westin’s lobby is on the fifth floor and most of the restaurants are on the fourth floor. But to reach the Taste you have to go all the way down to the first floor which is the swimming pool level and just above the beach. This shot of the Taste surrounded by tropical foliage is my entry this week to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.

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Guam 2015 and MM 2-15: Tumon Bay in Monochrome

In my previous posting I showed a few photos I took one day last April from the Fiesta Resort on Tumon Bay. In some of those photos I was facing north and the views showed the Nikko Hotel and Two Lovers Point in the background. In another photo I was facing south toward the Hilton Hotel. Here is another view toward the Hilton that I thought would look nice in monochrome. It will be my entry to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge this week.

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Guam 2015: A Tropical Itch and a Tale of Two Hotels

Back in the day there were two hotels on Tumon Bay: The Hilton and a Japanese hotel named the Dai Ichi. The Hilton opened up in 1972 and we went there several times that year to listen to our favorite piano player Romy Poblete at the soon-to-be famous Tree Bar while we sipped on an exotic drink called a Tropical Itch. We also frequented the Dai Ichi in those days, especially when we felt like dancing. Well, the Hilton has gone through a couple of ownership changes in the last 40 years but it is still there. And it is still operated by Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Romy was still playing there in 2004 but we couldn’t find him anywhere this year.

The Dai Ichi went bankrupt about 13 years ago and the hotel was acquired by the Tan Holding Company. When the Tan family reopened the place in 2006 after some extensive remodeling they named it the Fiesta Resort Guam.

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Guam 2015 and MM 2-14: A Portrait in Monochrome

We stopped by the TuRe’ Cafe on the beach in Hagatna, Guam one late afternoon in April and I took this photo of my granddaughter. She was six then. Now she’s seven.

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