Ireland 2019: Dublin’s Custom House Quay

We checked out of our hotel one Monday morning in July last year and walked through Eyre Square to the  Galway New Coach Station and hopped on board the coach for our return trip to Dublin where we planned to spend our last week in Ireland.  Dublin is almost directly east of Galway and our trip would cover the entire 223 km width of Ireland from Galway’s western shore to the mouth of the River Liffey on Ireland’s east coast.

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Ireland 2019: Our Galway Girl

Our oldest granddaughter Sophie decided to make a video of herself dancing all over Galway as a souvenir from our week-long visit to Galway last Summer. I was able to capture a few of her dance steps here and there.

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Ireland 2019: Connemara, Part Four — Ross Errily Friary

There are more than 100 medieval monastic sites lying in ruins all over Ireland. Followers of St Patrick began building them in the 6th century. Viking raiders began destroying them in the 9th century. Norman conquerors began building more in the 12th century. There are several Franciscan friaries in County Galway that were built in the 14th and 15th centuries. We visited one of these on our day-long bus tour of Connemara last summer.

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Ireland 2019: Connemara, Part Three — Cong

In the summer of 1951 legendary Hollywood film director John Ford descended on the tiny village of Cong in western Ireland and commenced filming what would the following year result in his receiving his fourth Academy Award for Best Director. Ford made more than 140 movies before his illustrious career was over and some say that movie he made in the summer of 1951 was his best. That movie was called The Quiet Man and it was made 69 years ago. But the people of Cong today have not forgotten.

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Ireland 2019: Connemara, Part Two — Killary Harbour and Lough Nafooey

Connemara Man: Killary Harbour is Ireland’s only fjord.
Wicklow Woman: Not True. There are many fjords in eastern Ireland. Wicklow has two, in fact.
Connemara Man: They are fjards, not fjords.
Wicklow Woman: Fjords, fjards. Who cares?* (see note at end of posting)

And so it goes. I decide to believe the Connemara Man as we drive 16 kilometers up the N59 road from Kylemore Abbey to Killary Harbour, also known as Killary Fjord.
It’s our second stop on our day-long tour of Connemara.

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Ireland 2019: Connemara, Part One — Kylemore Abbey

Connemara is the name of the area of County Galway that is bounded by Killary Fjord on the north, Galway Bay on the south and the Atlantic Ocean on the west. There have been many arguments as to what constitutes the eastern border but it is usually agreed that Connemara is west of Lough Corrib and outside the city of Galway. On our final day in Galway we boarded a Galway Tours coach for an all-day tour of this fabled land. Kylemore Abbey was our first stop.

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Ireland 2019: Knock Shrine

Portugal has its Fatima and France has its Lourdes. Ireland has its national Marian Shrine, too, and it is located in a tiny village called Knock in County Mayo about 70 kilometers north of the city of Galway. On Saturday morning, our sixth day in Galway, my wife and I  boarded a local bus at the Bus Eireann station near Eyre Square and an hour and 25 minutes later we hopped off the bus a block away from the shrine’s entrance.

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