The Most Beautiful Beach on Guam

Ritidian Beach lies at the northernmost tip of Guam. For many years the beach and the land surrounding it was owned by the US Navy and closed to the public. But in 1993 the Navy turned over its Ritidian property to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a wildlife refuge and now what some people call the most beautiful beach in Guam is open to visitors. So when my wife’s nephew Joe offered to drive us to the beach on our last day in Guam we jumped at the chance. As you will soon see, we were not disappointed.

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A Day in Talofofo, Part Three

My first visit to Talofofo Falls was back in 1972, a few months after a Japanese soldier named Sergeant Yokoi was discovered. He had been hiding in the jungle near the falls for 27 years. When I returned to the falls in 2004 I found that an amusement park had been developed around the area with a number of strange attractions including a replica of the cave where Yokoi lived. We showed the falls to my older daughter and her family in 2015 and the park seemed to be rundown. It was even worse this year when we visited the falls again with our younger daughter and her family.

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A Day in Talofofo, Part Two — Lunch at Onward Golf Resort

After our adventures in the Valley of the Latte Adventure Park on Friday morning, June 29th, we were hungry. But where do we go to eat? Most of the restaurants on Guam are concentrated in the tourist areas of Tumon and Tamuning and the capital of Hagatna. But these places are about 17 miles and at least a half-hour away from Talofofo. There is a popular tourist spot nearby called Jeff’s Pirate Cove but we decided that we would prefer a more quiet and relaxing place. So we headed for the restaurant at the Onward Talofofo Golf Resort on Route 4A.

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MM 221: U.S. Warplane over Guam

We visited Two Lovers Point one day during our latest vacation in Guam and I was shooting the statues of the Two Lovers from different angles when I heard a familiar sound overhead. I looked up quickly and clicked and caught the monstrous dragon before it disappeared over the Philippine Sea. It was obvious from the silhouette that I captured one of the legendary B-52s that had recently returned to Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base.
This photo will be my entry for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge this week.

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A Day in Talofofo, Part One — Valley of the Latte

Friday, June 29th, was our daughter’s last day in Guam and we decided to make the most of it by spending most of the day in Talofofo on the other side of Guam. We got up early that morning and drove across the island from Agat to Talofofo¬† where we met my wife’s cousin Annie who had invited us to attend the annual Dinanna Pa’a celebration at the Valley of the Late Adventure Park which is located a few miles up the river from Talofofo Bay. The Dinanna Pa’a event celebrates Chamorro culture with lectures, demonstrations and dance performances.

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MM 220: Circles Theme

Leanne Cole always has a specific theme for the first Monochrome Madness Challenge in any month and the theme this week is Circles. I guess I cheated a tad this week because my picture has only one circle. It’s anther photo of one or both of my granddaughters paddle boarding near our Guam beach house one evening just before sunset.

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Return to Cocos Island

Three years ago we visited Cocos Island off the southwest coast of Guam with our older daughter and her family. We returned to the mile-long island this year with our younger daughter and her family.

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