MM 2-21: Remembering Brussels in 2012

We visited five countries on our European vacation in 2012. Belgium was the last of the five and we spent the last two days in that country exploring the city of Brussels. After walking around the Grand Place for awhile we ventured out to some nearby streets and came across this entrance to Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, the famous 19th century shopping arcade.

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MM 2-20: A Sailing Ship’s Rigging in Monochrome

In the Fall of 2013 we traveled to London and spent a day visiting the UNESCO Heritage Site called Maritime Greenwich which includes the Royal Observatory, the Royal Navy College, the National Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark, one of the last of the great clipper ships of the 19th century. Here is a closeup of the masts and rigging of that venerable sailing ship and my entry for week 2-20 of Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge:

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Guam 2015: Easter in Sinajana

Sinajana is a little village in Guam up in the hills not too far from Tumon Bay. It’s where my wife grew up and where her sister Mary raised her nine kids. Well, Mary died several years ago and her husband Henry passed away just last year and those nine kids are spread all over Guam (actually, one now lives in San Diego but she was visiting the island the same time we were). But one of Mary’s daughters still lives in Sinajana — in her parents’ house, as a matter of fact. And she invited us to a family celebration on Easter Sunday this year.

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MM 2-19: View from the Devonport Ferry

We flew directly from San Francisco to Auckland in April, 2011 and arrived at our hotel far too early in the morning for our rooms to be ready. So we stashed our luggage, caught the ferry to Devonport and walked around for a while, taking in the ambiance of this little laid-back village that reminded us of Sausalito across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. We peeked in a few shops and visited a cafe to sip our first flat whites. Then we headed back on the ferry and I took this shot of a sailboat with the Auckland skyline in the background.

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Guam 2015 and MM 2-18: Boat on the Beach

It was about an hour before sunset and we were strolling along Tumon Beach near the Reef Hotel when we came across these guys hauling their boat up on the beach. No more sailing today. Dinnertime. Good idea. So we decided to stop at the Outrigger for a meal. This is my entry this week to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness Challenge.

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MM 2-17: Monochrome Madness and the letter K

Leanne has suggested that the letter “K” be the theme for Monochrome Madness 2-17. So, let’s see, where have we been that starts with the letter K? Well, we followed the Oregon Trail through Kansas in 1987. And we stopped at Cologne (Koln in German) during our cruise down the Rhine in 2012. But no, I think I will go all the way back to 1981 — thirty-four years ago — when we visited  Kyoto during our trip to Japan and one day toured several temples and shrines in that city.

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Guam 2015: Breakfast at Pika’s Cafe in Tamuning

We ate breakfast inside our hotel on most of the 13 mornings we spent on Guam in April. But we ventured out a few times. Once we walked a block to a crowded Eggs ‘n Things at the entrance to the Reef Hotel. Another time we took our grandkids to the McDonald’s across the street while Mommy and Daddy packed for the flight back home. We also stopped by the restaurant at Day’s Inn one day so I could have my bacon and eggs while my wife consumed the fresh Chamorro food she had just purchased at Chode’s store in Hagatna (they made her eat outside on a bench near the hotel entrance). But then one day we drove to Pika’s Cafe up on Marine Drive and had the best breakfast during our stay in Guam.

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