Avila — Day Five of our Six-day Road-trip

On Monday, May 24, 2010 we drove from Salamanca eastward to the walled city of Avila. No problem driving up to the city’s wall and our hotel was just inside the wall. But it still took us an hour and a half to find our hotel!

Our hotel once was a palace. It's right across the street from the cathedral.

Storks in Avila, too -- here are some views of the cathedral which is built right into the wall.

Another view of the cathedral.

The cathedral's lions watch over our hotel.

This palace down the street is now the public library.

Lions guarding the cathedral -- our hotel is on the right.

This church is right outside the walls.

The walls were built in the 11th century.

A Coca-Cola truck finds a parking spot near the wall.

Entrance to the cathedral.

More storks.

This plaza is about three blocks away from the cathedral.

I drank a couple of beers here while Bennette shopped.

St. John of the Cross (San Juan de la Cruz in Spanish) was St. Theresa's mentor and fellow mystic.

Delagacion la Hacienda

This convent / church was built on the spot where St. Theresa was born.

City views near the convent.

Bee at the wall. St. Theresa's convent is right inside this gate.

Two Gypsy women, probably mother and daughter, begging at the church's front door.

Another view of Santa Teresa.

Souvenir shop display.

We walked around most of the walled city. Now we're headed back to our hotel.

Ancient statue of a bear outside the walls.

St. Theresa

The stork must like this view, too!

Other birds enjoy this view.

The interior of our hotel.



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