Salamanca – Day Four of our Road-trip

On Sunday, May 23rd, we left Zamora and drove south for about an hour to Salamanca, home of Spain’s oldest university. Our hotel was about a block from the Puente Romano, an ancient Roman bridge over the Rio Tormes to the old town.

There was a fiesta going on at the church across the street from our hotel.

Salamanca's "new" cathedral -- built in the 1500s. Next door is the "old" cathedral, built in the 1100s.

The Puenta Romano provides one entrance to the old town.

Bee visited the main part of the new cathedral while I climbed to the roof and looked around.

Views from the cathedral roof.

The old and new cathedrals share some of their flying buttresses.

The university entrance is across the plaza from the cathedral.

Calle de Rua Major is a major street that leads from the cathedrals to the Plaza Major.

Detail of cathedral doors.

The Plaza Anata next to the cathedrals.

Most of the statues honor famous brothers who taught at the university.

Yes, Salamanca has storks, too -- but not as many as Zamora.

Window display on Rua Major.

Here's a closeup of that church with the stork nests.

Salamanca boasts the largest Plaza Major in Spain.

No crowds in the plaza today.

Lots of souvenir shops.

Monument near the entrance to the university.

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