Paris 2014: French Sculpture in the Louvre

I visited the Richelieu Wing on my second visit to Louvre during our stay in Paris last May and spent most of my time viewing the French sculptures that were spread out over two floors and two courtyards. I also looked at  several paintings by Dutch, Flemish and German artists of the 16th and 17th centuries. This was a much more relaxing visit than our first which was spent mostly in the very crowded Denon Wing. It seems that most visitors to the Louvre just want to see the Mona Lisa and some of the Romantic paintings of the 19th century. They are both in the Denon Wing. The next most popular area of the Louvre is the Sully Wing where you will find the Venus de Milo.

My entry to Laura and Leanne’s Monochrome Madness Challenge this week over on Leanne’s website will be this photo of a bronze statue called Le Genie de la Liberté by Auguste Dumont. This is a reduction of Dumont’s original gilded statue which stands atop the July Column (French: Colonne de Juillet) in the Place de la Bastile. The monument commemorates the three glorious days (Trois Glorieuses) in July 1830 when King Charles X of France was deposed and replaced by King Louis-Philippe of the French.

Le Genie de la Liberté by August Dumont.

Le Genie de la Liberté by Auguste Dumont.

Here is the color version of the same photo:

IMG_8239-1Which one do you prefer?

I’ll have more photos of the Louvre in future postings.



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