Paris 2014: Returning to the Louvre for Monochrome Madness 30

I have decided to return to the photos I took at the Louvre last May to choose my entry for week #30 of Laura and Leanne’s Monochrome Madness Challenge over on Leanne’s website (Click here to see my entry for week #23). My first entry featured a winged statue silhouette and the Louvre interior architecture contributed to the composition along with the view of the building across Rue de Rivoli that houses the Tesserra Collection. This week’s entry also features a winged statue silhouette but this time it is in the background and another art treasure is in the foreground framing the statue.

Biard's La Renommée and Mellot's Portal in the Richelieu wing of Musée de Louvre.

Biard’s La Renommée and Mellot’s Portal in the Richelieu wing of Musée de Louvre.

The bronze sculpture is called La Renommée (Fame) and is the creation of Pierre Biard who was commissioned in 1597 to sculpt a funerary monument in the church of Saint-Blaise de Cadillac by the Duke of Epermon. The elaborate tomb, fashioned after the royal tombs in Saint-Denis, was destroyed in 1792 by revolutionaries. But the statue of Fame was spared though severely damaged. The artist Joseph Chinard repaired the broken wooden wings in 1805, recasting them in bronze. The two trumpets, though, that were part of the original statue are still missing.

The archway through which we see the statue is called The Portal of the great consistory of Capitole de Toulouse and was built by Guiraud Mellot in 1551-52. The portal was dismantled before the building was demolished in 1885 and was acquired by the Louvre in 1932. It now forms the entryway to section 18b on the ground floor of the Louvre’s Richelieu wing.

I took more than 2200 photos during our stay in Paris last Spring. I wonder if I have any more silhouettes of statues with wings! Will check.

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  1. fantastic monochrome shot!! I love the detail!!

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