Walking around Porto’s Ribeira Neighborhood

On our second day in Porto last year we toured the Ribeira District from the yellow bus which then took us across the bridge to Gaia. The next day we decided to return to the Ribeira neighborhood and explore some more but this time by foot.

View from the Guindais Funicular on our way to Ribeira.

Click on any photo to see a larger version of that photo.

My sisters Marie and Betty on the funicular just before we entered a tunnel.

This tiled wall is near the entrance to the Dom Luis I Bridge.

Souvenir stands near the  ramp from the bridge to Cais da Ribeira.

Restaurants line Cais da Ribeira.

We heard this trumpet from a block away.

Praza da Ribeira.

Beef and wine available along Cais da Ribeira.

Capela de Nuestra Senhora de O on Largo Terreiro.

You can also start your Douro cruise on the Gaia side of the river. Most of the buildings you see in this photo are port wine cellars.

We saw dozens of Porto Cruz boats on our walk. And then we hopped on board one of them when we walked enough.

Cais da Ribeiro ends at Praza da Ribeiro but the riverside avenue continues under the name of Cais da Estiva.

Several choices for a ride on the Douro. Would you like to go for an hour, a whole day? How about a week? The Douro Valley vineyards are more than 200 kilometers upriver. Some ships go as far as the Spanish border.

The Dom Luis I Bridge frames the popular tourist area.

A popular riverside café over the local river taxi service.

You can usually find an outdoor café or two in the narrow side streets that stretch out from the praza.

This guy played a mean trumpet! His repertoire was mostly show tunes from 50 years ago.

Sculpture in Praza da Ribeira.

A break dancing exhibition along the river walk.

The ramp from Cais da Ribeira to the Dom Luis I Bridge.

After our walk we hopped on board a cruise boat and went up and down the Douro for about an hour (see my next post). We then found a nice restaurant along Cais da Ribeira for an early dinner. After dinner we walked up the ramp to the lower deck entrance of the bridge and then crossed the street to ride back on the Funicular to the top of the hill and our hotel.

We enjoyed our two weeks on the Iberian peninsula — eleven days in Spain and three days in Porto. The next day my wife and I were up before sunrise for an early morning flight to Madrid and then after a layover of several hours another flight to New York. My sisters took a later flight to Amsterdam and then on to New York. We arrived at our Manhattan hotel within a half-hour of each other.


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4 Responses to Walking around Porto’s Ribeira Neighborhood

  1. disperser says:

    That’s one heck of a big gondola.

  2. Peter Klopp says:

    Every photo radiates cheerfulness. I can tell you had a really good time in Pprto.

  3. basildonkitchens says:


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